There is One animating principle that permeates and creates the Cosmos. It goes by many names:  God, Source, the Divine Mother, Logos, the Jewels of Indra, Love, Holy Spirit, Helga. Choose your name!  And talk with it! Attuning myself to this, my own indwelling spirit, has led me to many guides, sages, scoundrels and wayshowers.                                                                       All say? Time to wake up!

What if you knew there were no mistakes?                                                                                                                     What if you knew that all is perfect, and your life reflects that perfection, no matter what you are going through today? . We are at the crossroads right now. We can choose to live from our true nature, freedom and acceptance or we can continue down the road of fear. In the words of spirit; we may choose to continue sleeping or to wake up to the our own magnificence as  a human/divine being.

We as a collective, are being asked to choose between fear and love.                                                                         Fear has brought us to where we are now. So why not choose again? Once I claim the truth, “I and my creator are one,” transformation begins. It is time. Every authentic wisdom tradition prescribes: “Make your home in the Breath.”

are you willing?
there is a way of breathing, a way of questioning, a way of forgiving yourself, which allows you to relax and deepen into the silence of the Heart. along this way there are some old thoughts, beliefs, habits of being that can be released, so that who you are, who you have always been, may shine through. Freedom comes. all yoga is about this opening; your consciousness has infinite depth. isn’t it time?

Above all else,”Make your home in the Breath.” Join with me as we come Home together