• We worked with Elizabeth to become clear about our marriage. Stuck and exhausted by talking, we learned a new language. instead of blaming we began to take responsibility. Forgiving ourselves was one great new key. I tapped into some deep feelings and an old fear which was keeping me back. Very thankful for her being there for both of us.”
    Connie P.
  • Elizabeth Bunker is an extraordinarily gifted guide. She supported me through one of the most difficult times in my life. Her ability to see the bigger picture, the highest good, the possibilities that were not clear to me in my confusion helped me to stay steady and navigate what was a most unexpected and demanding time of transition. She got me to move, to breathe, to listen to a deeper wisdom that I could not have done alone, without a wiser-sister-of-the-heart by my side. I am ever grateful for her presence, persistence and deep connection to Spirit. Now I am on the other side of the abyss, more grounded and ever in gratitude.
    Barbara A.
  • I was feeling depressed and disconnected when I found Elizabeth and The Way of Mastery. She led me with some laughter and wisdom to great insights about my old patterns. How I held myself back -was an observer of life rather than a participant.
I needed to truly feel everything. I began to see the connection between my breath and my feelings. I am on top of my game. now. Not just “coping” but excited about this life. Thank you again.
    Tom W.