Individual/Couples Sessions

V032HeartSalutation1-2013-5x7Heart-centered wisdom and the alchemy of transformation; the breath opens us to our deepest truth.  Whatever issue you are dealing with change happens when you get clear on where the resistance lies. The body holds the inarguable truth of where and who you are; learning to listen to what it is saying brings self-realization and peace.  Then? Your next step.

I hold space for you as you see the connections and begin to let go of old habits, old reactions, old beliefs, this is where I come in. Are you wanting to create a loving relationship or a career doing what you love? Working together with couples to refind their passion and passions;  working together  with change-divorce, separation, a career move. These are my strengths.

I am here to bring you into alignment with your breath, your heart and to help move you toward your Soul’s desire and purpose. We are always in relationship – with the world, others, and with Source. How to navigate while staying centered, awake and calm.

What happens when I no longer resist? When I finally realize that there are no mistakes? Freedom to live from the guidance of the Soul rather than from the dictates of a mad world. There are NO MISTAKES! If you truly accepted this, what would your life be like?

Donation: 90 min session: $47-$99/ (first session as long as needed.) I ask that you sign up for three sessions.          Phone: 45 min $37.00