Week-end Retreats

We have added this in answer to requests:

  • Week-end retreat. Once a month we, Elizabeth and David Zucker, offer a Friday eve to Sunday at 3:00PM retreat for 3-13 people who desire to come into Presence together. We will be relaxing into Yoga/Tai Chi/ Breathing to Heaven together. Through sharing and wonder questions, radical inquiry, techniques of the Way of Mastery, and pure trust, we let go of resistances. 
  • Transforming hidden programs, resistances and false thoughts, into truth brings freedom, joy and harmony. As a Soul you are created perfect, innocent and eternal. How do you wish to live the rest of this 
earthly life?
  • We will have food from the Monadnock Co-op; your dietary needs will be 
honored. We ask each person to bring one dish made with care and love.

Cost: $349. Contact us  if you are interested .We will be putting up a calendar on this website every month for coming programs.