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                                             Health Is Truly About Consciousness


Everything in the universe vibrates at a different frequency. Everything is conscious.


The earth is a living crystal ball; she is conscious and aware of you and all that you feel and think.

In India, I noticed that most people wore leather sold sandals or went barefoot. The Yogis there always told students of yoga to go barefoot a few hours a day; that the unity of all creation begins with our connection to the earth. The earth, like us, is a ball of life-force, of waves of prana that keeps our own energy fields balanced.

I now wear deersoled moccasins for my walks. Yes, even in the winter.

The earth is a giant ball of energies.
Q: could it be that our disconnect from her may be one cause of much imbalance in our bodies and in our relationship to nature – animals, plants, the oceans?

Rubber and plastic-soled shoes act as insulators and block the flow of  electrons from the earth. Clint Ober in his book Earthing asks the question: why is it that there are so many strange illnesses that have popped up in the last 35 years? It was around the time we gave up leather soled shoes and took on rubber and plastic. A wonder question.