Earth Changes

A great change is upon our world, a shift from one paradigm to another; from fear to love, from lack to abundance, from the little ego mind to the heart.

It is of such magnitude that our minds cannot truly envision it. Listen; this shift affects every living being on the Earth. We feel it in what seems like the acceleration of time and events, the increasing intensity of energy around us, and the call to Love and only Love.

Some call it The New World, the New Earth or Heaven on Earth.                               For me it has been Heaven on earth. Holy Kids! We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Inherent and at the heart of your being is a deep peace. A great guidance. How to access this peace is the great wonder question. Knowing this, is it not time to awaken from the dream of separation?

Many are gathering to help this shift. For as the earth moves from 3rd dimensional consciousness into 5th and 6th dimension,  a higher frequency, we are moving with her. You may already be feeling a bit out of whack; time moving faster, erratic emotions, a   sense of being out of control, a realization that the world is not your home. perhaps even   times of a wild and sudden joy.

Breathe, make your home in the breath, move, dance, gather together to celebrate. Know that all is taken care of.      

Love without conditions is what Jesus, Amma, Anandama mai, Ramana Maharshi, Hiilda Charlton and a host of spiritual teachers model for us.  To accept, allow, embrace and  trust all that arises.  In this way we transcend the world.   No dogma, moral imperative or judgment. “Love one another as I have loved you.”  Is it not time to move out of the little mind and into the heart? Is it not time to  awaken from the dream of separation? 

Above all? Make your home in the breath.