Breath is life. An aware and strong breath brings health and stamina.

We all know this. What is also true is that the breath is the portal to

Reality or Heaven, which is always right here and right now.


Without an awareness of the breath a person wanders

without purpose, taken in by the distractions of the world,

seeking for that love, that truth, which

has never been in the world but is within you,

and is your very own Soul. Breath is a portal to your

True Nature. All along this infinite nature-your true Self –

has been with you closer than the breath. so awakening is

really a remembering.

isn’t it time?


Breath is a portal to awakening.

It is a simple direct, powerful and uncomplicated method

to self-realization. And, just so you know, it feels great! the journey

back to who you are in truth.


Have you wanted to experience bliss, divine love and a

deep peace? some call this state of being enlightenment,

cosmic consciousness, God consciousness, the Infinite Self.

I call it remembering. Join with me as we begin a dazzling

seven star journey into the realm of the breath.